Melissa always knew that her family wasn’t perfect, but she never suspected the shocking truth… And then she had to hide it…

Throughout her life, Melissa Jesperson Moore has had to hide her true identity. She had to pretend that life was perfect after her parents divorced and she was suddenly uprooted from everything familiar and loving. She had to be silent, and to pretend not to be disturbed or upset when her father did things like brutally strangling stray animals in front of her.


melissaThose experiences prepared Melissa to hide the deepest, darkest secret of all. As a teenager, she discovered that her father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, had been imprisoned for murder. Shockingly, it became apparent that her father had not only committed one murder, but was actually the “Happy Face” serial murderer who had haunted the Northwest and other parts of the nation. Melissa found herself in deep despair and shame for the victims and their families, even as she began to harbor a growing fear that others would feel that she must be just like her father. Melissa hid that secret, and quietly began to build a more healthy life of her own. She found a gentle and loving man to marry, had two children, her heart began to fill with rays of hope. However, she could never quite rid herself of the dark shadow of secrecy and shame.

Then one day, her beautiful, innocent daughter looked into her eyes and said, “Mommy… everybody’s got a daddy. Where’s your daddy?”

Shattered Silence is an astonishing, true narrative of personal and spiritual transformation. From her secret life as “the daughter of The Happy Face Serial Murderer” to a woman that bared her soul and inspired millions, Melissa leads the reader on the vulnerable, compelling, and sometimes very raw journey of what it took to shatter the silence, and claim her own life.

As featured on Oprah and Dr. Phil purchase shattered silence